Last minute Scandinavian Christmas Gift Round-up!

With Christmas fast approaching I thought it would be good to share some last minute gift ideas. We still have a few pressies left on our list that we’ll have to get sorted this weekend. So here are our Christmas gift round-up!

With children in the house there’s always more Christmas shopping to do. You will give them something nice, they would like to give each other something but don’t know what and will need your assistance. We have relatives who finds it difficult to find the right present and therefor transfer money so we have to do their Christmas shopping too. And there’s relatives and family friends that all are asking for advice, what is on their wish list for Christmas?

Below is a few ideas to steer you in the right direction, for Christmas gifts for all ages, and both boys and girls.

1. The most gorgeous party dress
Something they don’t strictly need but would love to wear for that special occasion. Get it a in a size bigger than usual so it lasts a few years before you can wrap it down nicely for her memory box. Shown here is the Pale Cloud Limited edition Swarovski dress –

2. The Rocking Sheep
Handmade in Scandinavia, the rocking sheep is not only a wooly a friend and a classic toy but also a timeless design piece that will be allowed to stay in your home, long after the toddler has outgrown it! The one shown here is from

3. Pretty shoes to tippy-toe into the new year
Quality shoes doesn’t have to be only practical. They can be pretty too! We love Angulus, with both great styles for boys and girls. Find your favourite pair of childrens shoes at

4. Mouse in a Matchbox
It doesn’t have to big nor expensive to grab their attention and create a thrill! Tiny characters, full of personality and charm will make excellent travel buddies in the car or on the airplanes. Get a little family and the role play will keep them busy until you’ve reached your destination! We recommend Maileg for top quality and design.

5. Picture and crafts books
There is never wrong to give a book! Any age would love a beautiful book. For children we love the Scandinavian tradtional picture books from Floris Books.

6. Soft toy and interior in quirky designs
I have only one word for you – LuckyBoySunday The lovely selection of hand knitted soft toys and furnishing items in Alpaca wool from the Danish brand will make a favourite piece as well as a long lasting future design classic in your home.

7. Unisex good quality toys
There are toys you never outgrow! Lego and Brio is safe purchases. Any age, for both boys and girls. Only tip: Don’t buy too much Duplo as that they will outgrow it quickly! I’d recommend Brio for the under 3’s instead.

Hope you found our round-up inspirational! In short, our recommendations are made on the basis that we would buy less but better quality and in a timeless design.

I think Christmas gifts are a bit more special when it’s something they wished for, something a bit luxurious and that they don’t necessarily need.
I mean, otherwise we could get them socks and underwear and job done! 😉

Less than a week left now, so best of luck with the last preparations for the holiday and a very happy Friday!

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