No Gender December – for a brighter future!

no gender december
“Gender roles are still being reinforced by marketing. When children’s interests are channelled to follow out dated gender stereotypes it impacts their future educational and career choices.” December and Christmas shopping is an excellent opportunity to make a stand against the gendered marketing of toys to our children.

While the separate aisles of pink and blue might seem harmless, research shows setting such stark gender roles at such an early age can have a long-term impact on our children.
Little Scandinavian supports children being children, without having stereotypes limiting their play and development. Will you join in to? Take the pledge for a brighter future –

2 thoughts on “No Gender December – for a brighter future!

  1. Stop your Satanic P R O P A G A N D A
    I am a W O M E N and proud of it …with deferent needs aspiration then man !!!!!

  2. Toys and childhoods are for kids, not for seperation. Let the kids play together and stop focusing overly on gender

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