A 40 year old letter from Lego on gender stereotypes, ‘To Parents’

Image source at reddit.com
A Lego leaflet from 1974 was posted on Reddit this weekend and with it’s simple messaging (and very Scandinavian way of explaining things) immediately got trending on Social Media, as the content is as relevant today as it was 40 years ago. It’s not what you create but being creative that counts and this is way the original lego brick is so brilliant.

“The pamphlet was contained in the product line regarding Lego dollhouses, it was targeted primarily at girls age four and up. To us it’s expressing what we’ve always been about, which is about encouraging creative play.”, Roar Rude Trangbæk, press officer of the Lego Group

And it’s exactly the key to Lego’s success. The simplicity. A few year ago, Lego near collapsed as they lost focus on the brick and instead introduced more gender specific toys. With a complete turnaround to save the company, moving back to their core idea, unisex toys, Lego is back in business.

Lego bricks are simply brilliant; plastic heated up so it becomes a dough, it’s moulded under tons of pressure and then ejected after only seconds of cooling time. The moulds used in production are so accurate that only 18 elements in every million products fail to meet the high quality standard. All Lego elements are fully compatible, no matter when or where they were madam since 1958 until now. There are roughly 4,200 different elements in the Lego range in 58 different colours, with the total number of active combinations being around 9,000.

This in turn must equal an unbelievable amount of imaginative playtime! Regardless of boys playing with doll houses or girls playing with space ships. Little A’s favourite is City and Lego technics. Unstricted fun times -where her dad joins in when he can. Because Lego is such a toy you don’t outgrow.


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