How to prepare for a Scandinavian Christmas in London?

Decorate your home with fresh pine tree branches, pretty red berry branches, twigs and pine cones this Christmas. Fill your house with Christmas scents from baking Ginger bread men and simmering ‘glögg’ Scandinavian mulledwine on the stove. Lid some candles and enjoy this dark but beautiful pre-christmas, in Scandinavian fashion, together with your family.

The Scandinavian Christmas Markets and Fairs in London 2014 is starting today, with the Swedish and Norwegian Christmas fair in full swing this weekend. The Danish Christmas Bazar will be taking place in Hampstead next weekend. These events are popular for both food, decoration and gifts. Stock is limited and they do sell out fast, so go as soon as you can!

There’s also a few lovely shops in London where you can stock up on Scandinavian Christmas delicacies, a little bit of decoration as well as crafts and design, making perfect little Christmas gifts. Scandinavian Kitchen has a brilliant selection of food, both home made cakes, sandwiches, coffee and mulled wine as well as necessary groceries to create a proper Scandinavian ‘hygge’ at home this December.


Another favourite destination for us this time of the year is the charming Swedish ‘landhandel’ Totally Swedish, where you can purchase food, decoration and gifts. A little bit of everything. Both Scandi Kitchen and Totally Swedish have the friendliest staff, making it such a treat to visit.


Design store Skandium offers a great selection of Scandinavian Christmas decoration and high end design that would be perfect under the Christmas tree. And not to be forgotten, the best Christmas decorations and gifts are of course home made! December is the time to have lots of little workshops where your very own Santa’s little helpers can get creative.


We’ll share more creative ideas through the coming weeks, as well as recipes for Christmas cookies and mulled wine.

And when all shopping is done, the baking and cooking can commence, writing Christmas cards, wrapping of Christmas gifts and inviting friends over for Christmas drinks before we all wait for Christmas eve to come.

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