VIGGA -a circular subscription model for children’s wear
Bundle your little joy up in beautiful designer wear, ethically made in organic soft cotton, with care for the environment and a fraction of new price with the new Scandinavian circular baby clothing concept, VIGGA.

Britons are being urged to extend the life of their clothing to avoid 350,000 tonnes of garments worth an estimated £140m ending up in landfill, according to the Guardian. Apparently we are not much better in the Nordic countries either, with every year, hundreds of tons of clothes that are waste after short use.

We owe our children to reduce, reuse and recycle wherever we can. And on that note, the new circular baby clothing concept VIGGA is worth having a closer look at. Currently only available in Denmark, but nevertheless, highly inspiring as a concept.

With experience from children’s clothing brand Katvig, Vigga Svennson is passionate about clothing that are kind to the baby skin as well as environment. The idea is save both money and time without compromising on quality nor style.


It’s a membership where you sign up when pregnant, then a week ahead of your due date (oh, those relaxed Scandinavian mums!) the Vigga changing bag is ready for collection, complete with your newborns first beautiful wardrobe. The clothing are ethically made in organic fabrics, in a neutral unisex design. As soon as your child outgrows the newborn size you’ll be supplied with the next size up and the newborn clothing will be returned to Vigga, where it will be, environmentally friendly dry cleaned and made ready for another new baby.

From start to end of your subscription you’ll pay 359 Danish kroner (roughly £41) per month. Minimum subscription period is 3 months and maximum is 27 months. There a admin fee when you sign up DKK 90. There’s also a gift card option, where you pay for 3 months and you get a free set of baby bed linen as well. If the new parents are happy with the arrangement they can choose to continue their subscription.

And you are invited to join! If you are expecting a baby in 2015 and live in Denmark, sign up at #joinVIGGA

What do you do to reduce clothing waste?

4 thoughts on “VIGGA -a circular subscription model for children’s wear

  1. A few friends and I are extremely interested in bringing this model to our city in Pennsylvania (to start). Is there someone we can contact for guidance or investment info?

  2. Hi Marianne.
    I have very much the same experience as you, Marianne. Unused baby clothing with tags stored away with clothes that had ben used for only weeks. I’m handing down to my sisters baby. But if no one is handing down to you, and you have no one to hand down to, this circular concept is simply brilliant. I really hope lots of parents sign up and that as a concept it can inspire to similar efforts to help reduce waste.
    Lots of love, Bianca

  3. This is soo cool! I am not a big shopper, and I always give used items to charity shops, but especially with little ones…. they grow out of their little outfits so quickly. I still have a few items with tags on from when our baby was little. It is a shame that hardly used items should just be thrown away.

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