Dry and Comfortable with Stylish wind and waterproof Rainwear

Unisex and sporty or stylish and cute the choice is yours! The main thing is to stay warm and dry on rainy days. We’ve selected a few children’s rain jackets, hats and boots. Look out for brands such as Helly Hansen, Fjallraven, Isbjörn of Sweden, Mini a Ture, Mini Roidini, CelaVi, Pale Cloud and Ver de Terre. And there’s a few dry stylish news for mum too!


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To find your nearest stockist, visit celavi.dk, fjallraven.com, isbjornofsweden.com and verdeterre.dk -or find a complete list of what’s featuring in our above selections at Polyvore -enjoy!

And because mummy needs to stay dry too! Our two favourite rainwear brands at the moment…

The Raincho by Norwegian Rain €440,- at norwegianrain.com
This is a unisex garment that belts up to be feminine and quirky or left loose to bold and drapey. It’s a high quality piece with details such as cashmere lined storm flap, heat-sealed seams in a hi-tech recycled fabric which is waterproof and breathable.

The Dora ankle rain boot by Swims €79 swims.com
Dora is a low cut rubber boot that works just as well in the city as it does in the countryside. Coming in a wide selection of colour-variations, referencing the traditional Chelsea, with elastics on each side, this boot is both comfy and versatile.

Let it rain!

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  1. Dear Maggie. Search for “rain hat’ or ‘sydvest’ and there’s several stores that stock it, as well as Amazon. Hope this helps. Best, Bianca x

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