We are Celebrating WoolWeek with WoolLand Children’s Essentials

WoolLand offers Norwegian high quality merino wool underwear for the whole family that stands out in design, quality and that easily can be used as a basic wardrobe during the colder months. The new Autumn Winter collection comes in a range of delicate colours, contains twice as much wool in a lovely merino quality with a silk feel to it, perfect as daywear during Winter.

Woolland was established in Norway on a frosty January day back in 2011 and launched the following Autumn, with a completely a new type of wool underwear for children age 0-8 years.






In 2012 WoolLand extended their children’s range to cater for children age up to age 14 years.


We recommend checking out the pieces for women too, with functional and smart looking tops, dresses, skirts and cardigans. WoolLand also includes a separate collection for men. Find out more here woolland.no
If you’d like to find your nearest stockist, contact the UK agent for WoolLand, House of Nordic Brands

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