VER de TERRE children’s outerwear Autumn Winter 2014

verdeterre_children's winter coat
I had a presentation at a seminar in London last night and was introduced as a fashion blogger. Although the blog at times may seem fashion led, it’s really the combination of beautiful and functional design, made for children that drives me. Danish outdoor brand VER de TERRE is a fine example of one of the reasons why I started this blog.

I’ve never been into mini me’s and fashion kids. I strongly believe children should be children and the clothing they wear should be appropriate for the occasion. When you go to the park and it rains they should be wearing waterproofs and when it snows it should be wind and water resistant as well as snug and comfortable. VER de TERRE has since 1993 designed outdoor clothing for children in a beautiful design produced in some of the best technical materials, light and comfortable, so the children can play and have fun. The quality is superb. and as a added bonus, VER de TERRE is gorgeous to look at too. As this is top of the range children’s outdoor wear it’s not the cheapest on the market. But on the plus side it’s timeless and with a quality that easily can be handed down to younger siblings. So in other words it’s a brand that represent value for money.

The Autumn Winter collection sees classic autumn winter colours such as carchoral,plum and chocolate. But there’s a few new fresh colours too, for both boys and girls. We love the lime coloured down jacket!





2 thoughts on “VER de TERRE children’s outerwear Autumn Winter 2014

  1. Hi Sarah. Thank you for your kind comment! Shame to hear your nearby stockist is gone and I understand your frustration of no longer knowing where to get hold of quality clothing. VerdeTerre has a store locator online I did check, and they seem to list shops that no longer has Ver de Terre in stock. But my best advice would be to visit and if they don;t have the exact coat you’re looking for I’m sure they’ll do what they can to get hold of it for you. Hope this helps and do let me know how you get on! Best, Bianca x

  2. I love how you frequently post about Ver de Terre, one of my favourite brands. I fell so in love with their children’s coats when I first moved to London and found a stockist that I bought several sizes in advance, fearing I may never see them again. Now the stockist is gone, my daughters have gotten older than I ever could have imagined (6 and 4) and I’ve run out of sizes for my eldest. Did you happen to get any leads on who stocks these in London? Thank you so much.

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