Unusual Portrait Photography in the Fjords of Norway

When Andrea Weka age 15 was going to have her picture taken on the occasion of her confirmation she knew she wanted something unusual. But how spectacular the result would be amazed everyone. The location is 1547 meter above sea level on a mountain called Slogen in the Fjords of Norway.

Photographer Ma Orlitz in Norway is combining her two passions; Photography and hiking! She has previously shot both wedding photos and portrait photos in this rather high flying location. But the result of the shoot with beautiful Andrea was simply so stunning that they’ve been shared in Norwegian newspapers as well as on Social Media. Andrea is wearing her Norwegian traditional costume, a bunad, and she had to walk up the mountain to do the shoot.




Photographer: Ma Photo

They started early Saturday, stayed overnight in a DNT mountain chalet at 800 metres above sea level before continuing the next day to the very top of the mountain.

Photo source: NRK Photograph: Arild Eidset

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