Courage – Vulnerability – Credibility Confessions of a Female Leader

One of Scandinavia’s most successful woman in business has chosen to spend her gardening leave writing a book before she embarks on the next chapter of her carrier, Head of Innovation Norway. The essence of this inspiring read is the importance of believing in yourself, thinking no obstacle would be to big, as a woman and as a leader.

I’ve been following Anita on Twitter for a while and was excited to learn that she was writing a book. And my expectations was exceeded by far! The book is capturing from the very first pages, transferring you straight into the world of a young small town girl in Norway, with a sailor father, siblings to play with and a severely mentally ill mother. In her book she claims her childhood and upbringing, and understating it, is a strength in itself. And it has thought her that it’s only hard work and determination that will make you reach whatever you set out to do. She herself started working in a factory at the tender age of 12 and contrary to what many would possibly think when meeting her today, has never been fed with a silver spoon.
Anita is only halfway through life, and has so far had an impassive career. She’s voted one of top 25 Young business talents in Norway (2005), she’s ranked amongst top 40 Leader potentials cross business, politics and science in Norway (2009) and she was nominated for best female leader in the ICT industry in Norway (2011). She’s living in Oslo together with husband Knut and three young daughters.

Follow Anita Krohn Traaseth’s blog and get the book (english of course) on Amazon. Not yet convinced this is worth your time and money? Then I’d recommend you’d flick through the first pages of a Good Enough For the Bastards here.

Anita, or Tinteguri as her father used to call her, age 6 on her first day of School.

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  1. I think that the way you write about this book is very inspiring too! Off to Amazon to get hold of my copy… Have a brilliant week Bianca!

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