Back to School -are you ready? Our best tips for a soft start!

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Sorry to break it to you but the Summer holiday is coming towards an end and before you know it’s that time of the year again, when they are completely out of sizes in the school uniform section and the shoe fitting queue is beyond horrendous. Well, this is a little heads up to avoid a situation with first school day meaning no PE kit and a Tesco lunch in hand.

So, to take it slowly, step by step, let’s start with the school uniform. Most of the leading high street stores such as Marks & Spencer, John Lewis, Sainsbury’s and Tesco have an affordable selection of uniform shirts, blouses, skirts and trousers. However, to make sure they stay warm and comfortable, choose 100% cotton or a wool/silk blend underwear for the colder months underneath the uniform. To ensure comfort you may want to have a look at Eczema Clothing that provide some uniform styles in organic cotton.

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Coats should be rain and waterproof, one for autumn and spring and a separate winter coat for the coldest months. Alternatively one with removable lining that can last through the year, like this one from Finger in The Nose, from Kidsen.


If there’s anything we recommend you’d invest in, it’s shoes. High quality, soft but supportive, durable and breathable shoes in natural materials. Feet are important, especially growing feet! We recommend school shoes from Angulus, from Igloo Kids.


Then moving onto the backback. Many schools has a uniform school bag as part of the uniform but if not, choose a suitable backpack. We think Fjallraven’s Känken is fun, funky and a design classic. Available from I Love my Känken


Our best advise for a soft start to the school run
1. Double check the start day, so you don’t turn up a day early -or late. Many schools do have a inset day or two at beginning of term.
2. Check the uniform list, often found online at the school’s webpage. School shoes and PE shoes is a good starting point, then move over to the essentials. Have enough blouses and shirts to avoid daily laundry.
3. Stock up on healthy food, fruit & veg, rye crackers and so on a couple of days in advance. Make a decision on packed lunch vs school dinners and stock up accordingly.
4. Change the bedtime and morning routine asap. Otherwise you may find it hard to get them up for the first day!

To all of you parents that have 4 year olds, about to start reception, we wish you all the best. To be prepared is important to stay calm on the first day. There will be tears, but rest assured! The school’s best teachers and assistants are often allocated to reception, and they are trained and experienced in how to settle in your child in a warm and welcoming way.

If you have any advice or experience you think might be useful to others -please share below!

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