Swedish Nova Star unisex children’s clothing with a sporty look

Good quality jersey and soft denim in combination with fresh colours in a laid-back, sporty style. Nova Star has launched yet another collection for Autumn Winter 2014 of children’s clothing with superb quality with an affordable price tag.

Arguably the best part with Nova Star is not only how functional the clothes are, it’s also the fact that with its unisex style and excellent quality, it can be handed down to younger siblings. So double (or triple!) value for money! We’ve had a few things after Little A, that were in pristine condition after 1-2 years of wear. It was all handed down to a a family friend, a little boy we know, that loves the quality and comfort, as much as Little A did. Did season we have our eyes on the Denim Sweats, the gorgeous heavy Winter coats, fluffily fleeces and beanies with fleece lining…
And finally a brand with a great selection of styles for boys!




Nova Star, based in Sweden and founded by Helena Orlenius 2004 when she had her first child Novalieh, produces high quality and functional children’s clothing age 0 to 12 years -see more at novastar.nu

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