SleepCarrier, designed to help babies sleep. Ahh, yes please!

‘We are a Swedish Startup that just launched our new product SleepCarrier’ was the beginning of the email we received from one of the founders, Niklas. Before continuing ‘It is a product that is designed to help children under the age of 1 with sleep.’ And of course we had to share this new, much needed baby product, the Baby nest with you!

How often how we found ourselves, after sleepless nights, zombie like, cradling the nearly sleeping baby, before the doorbell rings or an ambulances passes by and you have to start the cradling all over again… Now, the ergonomic baby carrier SleepCarrier is designed to relieve you, with attaching the child in a horizontal position, perfect for sleep, but still close enough to feel save and sound. The good news? You can carry your child with the SleepCarrier from day one, without restrictions.

But the SleepCarrier is more than a baby carrier. It fills several of the child and parent everyday needs during the baby┬┤s first year. SleepCarrier is practical and cosy carry cot that for example fits in Bugaboo strollers, a mattress and a travel bed.



BabyCarrier is designed in Sweden. For more information, visit

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