How to Make Homemade Natural Shampoo

Want to eliminate toxic products from your life -or just love all things homemade? Making homemade natural shampoo not only reduces waist but could also bring health benefits to you and your family.

We’ve recently started trying out the shampoo and conditioner from Lush. Cute little bars of soaps, that you rub between your hands before applying it to your hair. Surprisingly it lather up even more than my usual shampoo and leaves the hair clean, soft and shiny. We quite like it I must admit.
And as a added bonus, as it’s solid, it goes straight into your hand luggage on your next trip abroad.

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But as it’s all handmade goodies, isn’t it possible to make your own? Wellness Mama have made natural alternatives to most of her household and toiletry products, but shampoo was apparently what she found to be the hardest to make, by far. Her Secret recipe on how to make her special coconut milk shampoo can be found at We’ve also found this homemade solid coconut shampoo at Then there’s this interesting recipe for a homemade honey shampoo, at that we are keen to try out.

Now, hope this was a little piece that will inspire you to try natural -and perhaps even homemade shampoo!

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