About parenting and what’s important – Happiness!

This honest update was a posted by a friend of mine on Facebook, a Norwegian mum of 3 young children:

“I got up at 7am and as everyone in the house was still sound asleep, I spend my quiet morning reading some parenting blogs, about their everyday life with babies and young children. And reading about all these perfect mums, the new homes and shiny cars, the impressively styled beautiful and cool looking families and children…

and all the wonderful recipes and delicious looking images of home cooked meals made me think. About how lovely it is to be as laid back as I am when it comes to my children, our home and my own body -and not spend my time striving for perfection.

The drying rack is a permanent fixture in our living room, there’s a colony of dust bunnies around our home and we don’t need blinds as the unwashed windows provides sufficient shade, my nails are not done, we don’t make all food from scratch, and despite ‘everyone else have it’ our kids don’t get the newest and most expensive clothing, toys and gadgets… Perhaps I should try a bit harder?

But then I decided not to, because as imperfect we may be, we are together and we are happy, and that’s what matters most.”

Wishing you lovelies a happy weekend!

Image source: Family picture by infinitebeginningx.tumblr.com


  1. Dear Paola.

    So lovely to hear your thoughts. I guess family life and happiness is very individual and we all have to find out what works for us. But being together is high on my list too. “Perfect” home is not. 🙂

    Wishing you a peaceful -and happy Sunday!

    Lots of love, Bianca xxx

  2. SO SO SO true! Sometimes, we “waste” time and energy trying to be perfect and we don’t see what we have and what is really whorty in life: our family, our laughter together and also our pains, that are blessed because they’re shared. This is my thought… I’m so happy and proud to have my little family: just 3, my Sissi, my husband and I!
    Have a great weekend


  3. I think the comments in the blog are so true. So many parents are trying for perfection and then feeling like they have not achieved. Instead, when you look around at your happy family, that is achievement enough. Everything else is icing on the cake, as they say! I enjoy your site and look forward to more positive blogs like this!

  4. Oh absolutely, very refreshing. As a blogger I try to inspire and advocate a ‘better family life’ and I do this through beautiful images, lovely recipes etc. So in that aspect I’m part of driving the race for perfectionism. Incidentally I looked at my Facebook page as well today and realised that it’s an ocean of ‘perfect family life pictures’ Truly embarrassing! From now on only true moneys of joy to be posted? Only… those moments, that make you smile, laugh and cry, you might want to keep private. So there goes.

    Ramblings on a Friday. 😉

    Thanks for popping into Little Scandinavian tonight, Amanda. Wishing you a very Happy Weekend!

    Love Bianca x

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