Little Fashion Gallery closes after 8 years


Marie Soudré-Richard, 38, is the founder of Little Fashion Gallery, a pioneering children’s fashion and home website that has made an art out of showing life with children as chic and aspirational through its selective and carefully art-directed selection of brands and collections. Most recently they also launched their own LFG brand.

The in-house LFG brand received a warm welcome among both customers and press. Nevertheless, this was not enough to continue the business, after 8 years of hard work.

Little Fashion Gallery own brand from 2013

Influenced by the popular Net-a-Porter business model, Marie set about creating an online concept store where editorial content such as fashion shoots and travel guides sat alongside the retail element. ‘The idea was not just to be a re-seller but to create added value for the customers.’

Sadly on June 5th 2014 the company entered into bankruptcy. Soudré-Marie Richard, its founder, explain “When I launched the site 8 years, I was looking to create a concept store dedicated to children, which worked. Gradually, the issue of financial stability arose and the only model that seemed to be viable was volume. Then the business was hit by cut margins from suppliers, alongside a increased competition from new online stores. So we decided to launch our own brand in February 2013. This helped, bud unfortunately not fast enough.”

We met with Marie Soudré-Richard (left) in London at a press event for Little Fashion Gallery

Marie Soudré-Richard is a charming and talented business women, and I sincerely do hope to meet her again in the universe of kids fashion. xxx

4 thoughts on “Little Fashion Gallery closes after 8 years

  1. I loved Little fashion Gallery and often bought clothes, accessories for my daughter, I have just learnt that it has closed, i feel so sad. I recommended this site to so many of my friends. How very sad. This was such a brillant online store for kids.

  2. mi dispiace tanto, eravate un occhio aggiornato ed eclettico sulla moda infantile…mi mancherete molto con le vostre idee super….spero sia solo un arrivederci!

  3. So sorry to hear this – Little Fashion Gallery has provided me with so many beautiful things over the past couple of years and, along with Smallable, was one of my favourite online stores. Their own brand collection was excellent and I was looking forward to buying more of it. Very sad for all their hard work to go to waste.

  4. I was very sad to hear about this. They really were a victim of the current tough circumstances and its a shame as Marie made one of the first really cool kids fashion websites.

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