Sunny Sunday and the best neighbours

So it’s been a couple of emotional days. We woke up to chaos Friday morning but today’s sunshine, the birds singing, the girls laughter, the smell of barbecue and the best friends over for Sunday lunch helps changing what happened last Friday into a distant memory.

When you experience a break in you go through stages of emotions. It’s surreal that what they took is gone. The thought of professional burglars in your house when everyone are asleep makes you scared, you get ashamed, bewildered, angry, but probably most of all sad. Sad that there is people out there, ruthless and completely without sense of remorse, driven by greed.
But every grey cloud has a silver lining. The amount of support we’ve received over the last couple of days from both the police and our neighbours has been amazing. The concern, help, kind words and even flowers gives us strength to move on and believe in life, laughter and sunny Sundays. This too shall pass.

As my laptop and camera was stolen there could be days with no post on the blog and all images by me will for the time being be iPhone quality. Bear with me…

One thought on “Sunny Sunday and the best neighbours

  1. oh no, sorry to hear but good you have support and some sun x
    it will be hard to get over it and feel safe, so I am wishing you and the fam lots of strength

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