Recoma Costume, children’s luxurious fancy dress and accessories

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Recoma Costume is made to order, luxury couture children’s costumes and special occasion wear. Think Venetian carnival costumes, hand-made beautiful costumes and accessories in precious fabrics, for magical dressing up and fancy dress parties. Remove the accessories and you are left with a exquisite formal party dress.

The Recoma Costume was delivered to us in a black box, like a secret treasure box. Then discovering it was tagged with her name, Little A got even more excited, her little hands untying the bow to open it. Then with the lid open, the first item she pulled out was a beautiful bee costume mask, a bee back complete with wings, then the dress, with a cotton velveteen sequin honeycomb bodice with corded champagne lace and satin ribbon, fully lined for comfort and style, then there was the faux fur coat, beautiful on it’s own and with the dress or perfect together with the costume accessories for the complete Queen Bee outfit.


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It’s been a while since I’ve seen something so well made and beautiful. This outfit instantly became Little A’s favourite and is one of her most treasured belongings. She dressed up in the complete outfit for this years Fastelavn (Scandinavian Carnival), then the dress and the matching fur coat was her chosen outfit for her birthday dinner. She’s worn the dress to special occasions and parties, and received endless of compliments for it. This dress, the accessories, the details and even the box, everything about it is precious and magical.

Demelsa Haughton is the designer behind this wonderful creation. Demelsa about her design: I love designing for children as the boundaries are a little wider and I can let my creativity run wild. I love to layer up fabrics and use surface decoration to create depth and interest

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There is also more styles in the first collection for your consideration at Purchase the entire outfit or the velvet lace dress, the jet black faux fur coat and bee mask and stinger separately at RecomaCostumes/EtsyShop
I didn’t give more details than Little A’s height, but the dress fits perfectly. The ribbon in the waist is also adjustable, which is excellent for small tummies. We highly recommend Recoma Costumes for superb quality and attention to details.

I’m sorry to be sharing unusual many photos with you, but there’s no photo doing this dress and costume accessories justice. It needs to be experienced first hand to fully appreciate the creativeness, the design and its quality.

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3 thoughts on “Recoma Costume, children’s luxurious fancy dress and accessories

  1. I think this dress is very beautiful its look like butterfly dress .This dress you can wear in parties and her accessories looks very beautiful in her face this black dress is very amazing.

  2. She looks really cute in this bee model dress. The designers behind this work done a great job in this. The bee comb design on her neck part shows an good logic behind this. I am really impressed in this work. Keep sharing these kind of innovative works to the users.

  3. Love Demelsa 😘😘 so proud to have had some time with you prior to you’re degree, you deserve to be up there alongside names such as McQueen, Dior, and so on but in you’re own unique right!

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