10 blogs you need to check out!


What blogs do you read? As with the say “it’s an app for that” there seems to be a blog for everything too. So in the online jungle of various of blogs, here are the top ten to check out!

Without further ado…

1. Babyccino Kids – Family life blog going strong

The first blog, that in fact got me into blogging, is Babyccino Blog. Although the website has turned into a kids shopping portal of lately, the blog is still as relevant as ever. The Babyccino team never fail to inspire and keep all parents in the loop on tots trend and activities. I’ve met Courtney a few times and can only conclude that the success of the three girls running it is down to the fact that they are genuinely nice -and inspiring.

2. Tangloppan – Fresh breath from the Norwegian Sea
One blog I keep returning too, only because it’s so refreshing in a native Scandinavian way, is tangloppan.blogspot.co.uk The blogger lives on a tiny island in the Norwegian Sea, with her husband and three young children. There’s storms and midnight sun, there’s that delightful Norwegian wit and the ultimate dream of a childhood spent outdoors.

3. Visual Therapy Blog – Aesthetically (way beyond) pleasing
For my cravings, you know… when I’m not busy being a mum, and I’m not talking about cravings as in chocolate, I turn to a blog appropriately called visual-therapy.com/blog I truly enjoy the wonderful mix of photography and design. And although a lot of luxury brands are being featured, reading and dreaming is for free.

4. Petit Coquette – Lingerie heaven
It doesn’t have to cost a fortune but it needs to have a good fit -and little beats that feeling when wearing great lingerie. Petit Coquette Blog will keep you in the loop on bra fitting, new lingerie collections and just in time for the holiday season; lots of beautiful swim and beachwear.

5. Scandinavian Retreat – Escaping busy city life
Can you imagine holidaying (or living!) in a design bolt hole surrounded by fresh air, unspoilt nature and clean water? Well, you’ll get all the inspiration you’ll need through Nicky and her blog Scandinavian Retreat There’s several Nordic home, design and architecture blogs -but to me, this is the one.

6. Smudgetikka – Best children’s Fashion blog
Not only the most supportive blogger I’ve met but also the number one children’s fashion blog, is smudgetikka. The insightful take on new collections combined with sprinkles of that famous English sense of humour, this blog never fails to entertain and engage. The blogger does have a impressive background; photography educated, a successful career as Founder and Fashion Editor in a leading children’s fashion magazine and lately her online adventure, the top kids fashion blog.

7. Mokkasin – Number one Scandinavian family blog

For in generally all fine things, like Sofia prefers to introduce her blog, mokkasin . And we couldn’t agree more! A family blog the Scandinavian way where design, vintage, crafts merge, where life with children is a continuous beautiful journey.

8. A cup of Jo – Parenting and motherhood NYC style!

Kids and the City -Joanna is the new Carrie, sharing girlfriends beauty secrets, everyday funny stories and dating ideas -only difference is that the Blahnik’s are replaced by baby slings. Nevertheless -pop by A cup of Jo

9. A 100 Days of Real Food – When you want to eat and stay healthy and happy
Lisa and her family is cutting out processed foods and invites us all to do the same. In return she offers advise on weekly meal plan, lunch box ideas, healthy snack options and endless posts with yummy recipes on her blog A 100 Days of Real Food A must check out if you’d like to be inspired to a healthier diet for yourself and your family. I’m considering to kick it off with the 10 day pledge…

10. Little Gatherer – Our Newest Blog Crush!

This blog, founded in 2013 and run by a two sister team from Down Under, features an eclectic mix of design, children’s apparel and photography that inspire “the small and the young at heart”. All fun and blogtastic happening over at littlegatherer.com

Let me know your favourite blogs!

8 thoughts on “10 blogs you need to check out!

  1. So sorry to miss out on your press day Inger. Hope we can reschedule that coffee! Bx

  2. Visual Therapy does exactly what it says on the tin! Easily addictive! Thank you for lots of inspiration. xxx

  3. What a fantastic write up, thank you so much Bianca. I have always found you one of the most supportive bloggers I have met too and I look forward to checking out some of those fab looking Scandinavian blogs as well.

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