How to ski with children -step by step survival guide

Skiing with kids is can be both enjoyable and fun if you only follow a few simple steps, how to…

Children as young as 3 years can ski. Thinking it’s a tiresome or impossible task to take your kids on a ski holiday? It might be less stressful than what you’d think it would be.
In order to give you a head start, here’s a step by step survival guide on how to ski with children.

1. Choose the right resort for you and your family, with facilities that suits your families needs and nearby slopes according to your skiing level. We strongly recommend self catering and ski-in ski-out.
2. Be well equipped. There’s nothing worse than being uncomfortably wet and cold. Dress in layers and make sure to choose quality skiwear, for the whole family.
3. Begin slow. Regardless of last years achievements, start from scratch in the children’s slopes, and move gradually on the more advanced slopes as you build confidence. It should be boring before you move to the next step.
4. Lots of feedback and praise. And have fun. Skiing is playing. Don’t be too serious about it.
5. If you are not an advanced and confident skier, hiring a ski teacher for your children (and perhaps for yourself too?) is highly recommended, for a few hours or for the entire week.
6. Take breaks! Make sure you have a proper breakfast, 1 hour lunch and cup of hot chocolate at the end of the day. There’s a fine line between encouraging and forcing. But don’t let your child give up to easy. When that’s said; taking a break to go sledging or building a snowman is perfectly fine and no failure -it’s all about having fun!






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