Easter Hats and Easter Bonnet Parade are serious business!

DSC_8514{@ Little Scandinavian, Little A at her Easter Hat Parade where smiling was obviously not allowed!}

Every year is the same. Last minute you realise only too late it’s that time of the year again. Where cardboard, yellow ribbon and Easter Chick decoration should merge into one beautiful creation for a head, literarily by itself and in no time.

Little A is never standing a chance in the Hat Parade competition anyway, as we live in a competitive area and never hire professional artists. But nevertheless, she proudly wears what’s created with limited resources and life can reassume to normal as soon as the parade is finished.

The tradition of the Easter Bonnet Parade is not Scandinavian so I had to search to find out the origin. Wikipedia could tell me “An Easter Bonnet represents the tail-end of a tradition of wearing new clothes at Easter, in harmony with the renewal of the year and the promise of spiritual renewal and redemption.” So that’s what it’s all about, showing off with a new hat for Spring!

How to make the Easter hat for the parade this year? We’ve sourced a few images on Pinterest for inspiration. Enjoy!

{Photo Source: Pinterest unfortunately no source or instructions. And arguably not made by a skilled parent and not the child…}

{Photo Source: Chateau de Fleurs Blog}

{Photo Source: Etsy} Baby Chick hat for the Easter Bonnet Parade

{Photo Source: Pinterest}

Easter Bonnet
{Photo Source: MaxandMe Blog with instructions, step by step on how to make a frill Easter Bonnet}

{Little B with a made from scratch bonnet in cardboard, tissue paper and Easter decoration}

{Little A with her very simple but beautiful Easter Hat, decorated with fresh flowers}

Or preferably, get lots of cardboard, decoration chicks, flowers and other props. Paint your own eggs and make sure you have lots of glue. Sit down together with your child and you might find that you’ll be enjoying yourself far more than anticipated, regardless of the results. At the end of the day, that’s what this should really be about; Celebrate the arrival of Spring and having fun!

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