Children’s fashion on Social Media – trending more than ever!

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Children’s fashion has found its place on Social Media for sure. There is a whole new world emerging in the children’s fashion and design market. With online shopping beaming and everything going digital, social media for sharing what’s new is trending more than ever.

Bloggers are the foremost inspiration on Social Media. Some of the best are regarded as Social Media professionals and really know how to not only make us feel welcome and home but know how to connect the world of business and consumers. Some of my favourite children’s fashion bloggers at the moment include the Swedish top blog Mokkasin, the buzzing and lively italian blogger fiammisday UK’s number one kids fashion specialist Smudgetikka, make it yourself blog from NY purlbee, and my long term favourite, reporting directly from Denmark Carlas Cafe. This is the beauty of Social Media, there’s no borders. 🙂

And there’s of course an app for everything. New kid on the block include Lil’Stylers, a first-of-its kind social media experience for everyone with a more than average interest in kids fashion. Another online platform to check out is MyChildWorld, like a Polyvore heaven for kids products.


Little Scandinavianian alone is enjoying to have 27k followers on Pinterest, we have a lovely 7.5k lovely tweeps on Twitter, and a 4.1k friends on Facebook. We are on but haven’t quite settled in the sphere of Google+. On the other hand we quite enjoy snapping away everyday shots on Instagram, we are clipping away on Polyvore, sharing what we love on Tumblr we are videoing on Vine (not that much though after Instagram launched their video option…). We’ve even started our own Little Scandinavian YouTube channel -all to share our passion for a Scandinavian family life, kids fashion and design -and connect with you.

How about you? What’s your favourite Social Media channel? And any great blogs we need to know about, please share by commenting below!

Before I let you go, I’d like to recommend this blog article The dark side of Kids Fashion and Social Media drawing our attention to the danger as well. Well worth a read!

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