Kids & Art – Growing up loving and connecting with art

{Photo Source: Little A at Tate Modern, with her self made “thinking hat” on, looking at The Snail}

There’s no other subject that can appear more snobbish and a bit excluding than the topic of art. And there’s nothing more depressing and uninspiring than snobbery. If we want our children to love and connect with art will we achieve it by taking them to the finest art museums on the weekend, and let them stare at The Snail all afternoon?

So how do we introduce our children to art, beyond giving them some crayons and paper? Let them express their own creativity through art and introduce a variety of forms of art. Surround the child with art, at home, in the museums and on the street! There’s no right or wrong! And most importantly, Let them direct you!

When I grew up I had two posters on my wall; One of three very cute tiger striped kittens. We always pretended it was my sisters and I… Then there was this political poster with a young boy, with blond hair and big blue eyes. My mum always used to say he looked like me. And I thought so too. He was sitting in a dark and rather scary looking factory. He had dirty clothes and looked a bit sad. But I loved that poster with the boy and always felt great comfort in having him on my wall.
This morning my mum wrote me an email mentioning the poster with the boy. Apparently it was a poster by Kjell Nupen, from his early, radical days. Wish I somehow could retrieve it, as it got lost somewhere along the way. Anyway, it got me thinking; when sharing art with your child, it doesn’t have to be “children’s art”. And it certainly doesn’t have to be more than a poster. Although when that’s said, perhaps considering making birthday presents symbolic and instead start a dedicated art fund for your child…?

What did you have on your wall when you grew up?

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