Go and see: Fluid oil paintings by Martine Poppe in London


{Photo source: Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery, art by Martine Poppe.}

Norwegian artist Martine Poppe wore tick coats indoors to stay warm and waited outside Tesco at night when the left over bread was thrown out. That was before Saatchi Gallery picked up her paintings.

Born in 1988, Oslo, Norway Martine Poppe lives and works in London.

“My motifs here are all chosen light-heartedly and I’m trying to add a touch of humour to some of my pieces for the show,” she explains. What sets her work apart from her two contemporaries, at least on an aesthetic level, is a sparing use of colour, her muted canvases expressed in milky hues and delicate brush strokes, creat- ing a luminous, floating effect.

Although Martine Poppe’s work as recognised probably has jumped way passed the typical ‘affordable art fair’ price range, you may still enjoy her work in London, at Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery and at the
Saatchi Gallery

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