Pierrot la Lune beautiful children’s clothes from Denmark


Pierrot la Lune was founded 2013 and creates a timeless children’s fashion of high quality, at surprisingly affordable prices. The very first collection has a delightful touch of nostalgia; a dreamy and magical aesthetic referring to old movies and faded photos from a childhood in southern Europe in the 50s and 60s.

The beautiful clothes are both wearable and comfortable and the main part of the Pierrot la Lune collection is produced in organic, GOTS-certified cotton and the knitwear is handmade in 100% soft Alpaca wool.

The new brand does also have a Asian feel to it with its distinctive block prints, influenced by the many years spent in India. Before returning to Denmark Emilie worked in the fashion textile industry being responsible for purchasing and production for a number of Indian textile manufacturers trading with western design companies.
In Pierrot la Lune the ethnic touch has been toned down in favour of the Scandinavian clean lines and simplicity. With a rather beautiful result we must add.
And design runs in the family!
Emilie Ventujol’s grandfather was one of the biggest names in Danish design history, the furniture designer Børge Mogensen (1914-1972).






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