17th May celebration in Southwark Park, London

17 May 2014 will mark the 200th Anniversary of the signing of the Constitution of Norway. A notable feature of the Norwegian Constitution Day celebration is the virtual absence of any military parades, the day being a festive day for children and families. The celebration takes place all over the world, and there’s also a large celebration in London.

The celebration will start 9am finishing at 4pm with entertainment from two stages and refreshments from morning to evening. Entertainment includes everything from trendy pop bands to traditional Norwegian Folkemusikk. One of the keynote speakers and guest of honour is the well-known Norwegian personality, Trond Viggo Torgersen. There will also be lots of children’s entertainment and games. All of this with the aim to create a fantastic event for all Norwegians and their friends and colleagues. The annual event, open to all, usually attracts 3-4.000 people. But with the anniversary and the fact that the 17th of May falls on a Saturday, the visitors numbers may exceed previous celebrations.

So now you know. Save the date, and bring your friends!


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  1. Hi Jeana. I’m no longer part of the official committee, but I would have contacted Scandinavian Kitchen and asked them, as they were the ones hosting it last year. Hope this helps. Best wishes, Bianca

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