Can you spot the Viking? “Another day in Solgry Norwegian Nursery”!

© Solgry Barnehage
There’s nothing like starting young (especially when we’re talking about becoming a true viking) “Another day in Solgry Norwegian Nursery”. Norwegian nursery exchange snowsuit for swimming suit in snowy conditions!

From the comfort of your warm office or home, see all the freezing images here,

In other news… Have you too had enough of “the unblinking idolatry of all things knitted, bearded, rye bread-based and licorice-laced”? Well, we haven’t got enough of Scandi Cool! But Michael Booth from the Guardian has and he is sharing his frustration over what he describes as “relentless Tetris shower of print columns on the wonders of Scandinavia” in the article Dark lands: the grim truth behind the ‘Scandinavian miracle’

And from damn Vikings to my strong, handsome, kind Viking, the Scandinavian Dad! It’s his Birthday today! Hipp Hipp Hurra!!!

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