Winter Fishing on a Friday in the Arctic, beautiful Lofoten, Norway

Photographer and all rights reserved © Felix Röser Location: Lofoten Island, Norway

Lofoten is and island group in Northern Norway, well known for its natural beauty with breathtaking, unforgettable scenery; Impressive alpine mountain peaks, Arctic fjords and tiny fishing settlements. And it’s the latter we’d like to draw your attention too, as February is the official season for “Lofotfiske”.

In winter, the Norwegian Arctic cod begin their long migration from the Barents Sea to the coast of Northern Norway. By February and March they have arrived in Lofoten to spawn, providing the basis for this famous seasonal fishery, the legendary Lofoten Winter Fishery. And there’s no reason to be scared be the cold looking climate. Though lying within the Arctic Circle, the Lofoton Islands experiences surprisingly mild temperature than one would expect to its high latitude.

Not only being their when the village come to live when fishermen prepare to go out and hundreds of vessels leave the harbour, it’s the dining experience too. You haven’t tasted fresh fish before you’ve tried the Norwegian cod, in season, straight from the sea.
Remember, all of this takes place when day light is still limited in Northern Norway, and only the snowy white peeks light up the landscape. It’s a true adventure, for the entire family. A extraordinary experience and holiday you’ll never forget.

How to get there? From Bodø you can take a regular ferry to one of the villages in Lofoten or you can hop on the famous Fjord cruise, Hurtigruten.Or fly to Tromsø from Gatwick, and go by rental car (about 400 km).
Where to stay and other activities? Check out visitnorway/com/lofoten

If you go, remember too say “SHIT FISKE” to the fishermen when they’re heading out!

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