Rock’n Roll Rocking Sheep & Lamb by Danish designer Povl Kjer

Perhaps there will be some furry surprises under the Christmas tree this year, perfect for some “Rocking around the Christmas tree…” Moving away from the muted natural look, the new Povl Kjer Rocking Sheep is now available in funky new colours.

But apart for a rock’n roll makeover these design staples are finished in the same high quality. Frame in lacquered pinewood, padded with foam rubber and upholstered with a sheepskin. The rocking sheep is not only unbelievable cool but also certified as a toy. Available in two different sizes: Sheep and lamb.


The Povl Kjer rocking sheep is designed to follow the child through the years, first as a play and padding animal, later as a footstool. When the rocking sheep is not in use it is merely a beautiful piece of design furniture in your home.

In other furry news, Povl Kjer has designed Tuft, a stool inspired by the tufts in the danish moors. Resembling the heads of trolls and other fairytale creatures the tufts can spark the imagination and in a mirthful way bring some magic. This stool is made of ash wood and sheepskin, available in white or black. See more and find your nearest retailer at

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