Lilleba, delightful children’s nightwear in soft bamboo


Lilleba is environmental friendly and delightful to wear, inspired by the Norwegian nature and heritage. This is high quality children’s nightwear and underwear made is soft and natural material, bamboo. This is Norwegian design as it’s best; Beautiful, comfortable, functional and simple.

The designers Silje Sivertsen and Nina Eikerol run their business in an old factory, in the centre of Stavanger on the West coast of Norway. With a philosophy that clothes worn against the skin should be comfortable combined with creative design the brand has become one of the most popular brands in Norway within its niche. It’s a brand you’d have to try to appreciate how amazing the quality is.

Lilleba is also available for adults in elegant design and with the same soft quality as with the childrenswear. Treat yourself or someone you love to beautiful designed sleepwear by Lilleba. Available in the UK at the Mayamin online shop.





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