CozyKidz – destination for cool and quirky baby clothes online

Cozy Kids cool and quirky baby and children's clothes

CozyKidz is an online kidswear shop with an edgy, fun and funky twist. Exactly what you have been looking for when searching for baby clothes away from the conventional. Founded by Danish Maria and partner Marcelo, inspired by their daughter Olivia. With her they discovered a world of baby clothes with fantastic quality, full of personality, humor and rock’n’roll!

The above background image was sent to us by Maria. It’s close to the CozyKidz HQ in Barcelona and captures well the urban edginess of the products found in this lovely shop; unique, cool and quirky baby clothes for the ages 0 to 3 years.

The CozyKidz team are sourcing selection of original design from some of the most innovative brands on the market today. With a clear Nordic style and an appreciation for the typical Scandinavian design that allows freedom of movement, creativity and humor, and with a focus on a sustainable and organic production, CozyKidz offers cool combinations and edgy alternatives to your child’s basic wardrobe. And there’s some fantastic Scandinavian children’s clothing brands on offer; Mini Rodini, Indikidual, Molo Kids, Småfolk and Fred’s World by Green Cotton. See more brands and funky toddler apparel at


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