Viking Footwear brings Kids and Families outdoors all year

Viking has crafted footwear for more than 100 years and is one of the leading technical outdoor shoe specialist in Scandinavia today. Using the unspoilt and wild nature of Norway as their test lab, the shoes are second to none.

Starting up producing rubber galoshes a century ago, Viking today are focusing on hunting, sailing and outdoor fun. For children Viking has everything from playing and waking shoes to high tech winter boots and wellingtons.
Little B used to be in a outdoor Nature Kindergarten in Oslo, where the only indoor facility is the bathroom. Regardless of weather the children stayed outdoor, even in snow and minus degrees.
Technical outdoor wear is a must outdoors in nature and Viking is a brand I warmly can recommend.
The Viking footwear offers support, they keep feet comfortable, dry and warm. But still, it’s important to choose the right footwear for the right occasion. The rubber boot is not the only outdoor boot, and certainly not suitable for wintry conditions.

The all around shoe is excellent for all year in dry weather. Drizzle is fine too as they feature gore tex membrane. For all outdoor activity. Great in the urban jungle too -not only in the Norwegian mountains!

Rubber boots are good for rainy days, when your child would like to splash in puddles, walk in muddy fields, climb slippery trees and kick wet leafs. The Viking wellington boots are comfortable, lightweight and with excellent grip. There’s also a thermo rubber boot which is the boot to use for colder days and when the first snow appears. It’s great for mild winters and slushy conditions. Can I only add, when temperatures creeps down to 5 degrees and colder. Cotton sock or tight in wellington boots would be like a fridge for tiny toes. In Scandinavia we would have wellies with room for a wool sock. Scandi rule: Roomy wellies + wool socks = happy and warm toes.

Then there’s the proper winter thermo polar boots that will keep little feet warm when playing outdoors in minus degrees. With a wool blend lining and outer material stays that flexible to temperatures as low as -40°C… Saying that, children shouldn’t really be playing outdoors for that long in colder temperatures than -10 for small children and -20 for older and more active children. Not that this would be a scenario in Britain -but you never know. Big freeze on it’s way? Get booted now!

2 thoughts on “Viking Footwear brings Kids and Families outdoors all year

  1. We’re an independent family run business in Scotland and we stock Viking Winter boots – have done so for 3 years now and they are truly really great quality – sounds cheezy, but happy faces that come back year after year… we’re Funky Rascal,

  2. I can’t believe I’ve never heard of Viking Footwear! Must get a pair of my daughters and myself! Do you know where in the U.K they are available, or via Mail Order from Scandinavia? Thanks. Vanessa

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