How to keep the kids entertained during Half Term

It’s half term and school is off. So unless you’ve been thinking ahead and booked spaces in the sport and activity camps, what to do with your children during the next days!? All the museums are hosting fun Half Term events. Only problem is that there are many children and parents that needs to fill the week with activities, so you might end up in packed venues and at oversubscribed events. I’d say, less is more.

And with a love for the outdoors we started with some much needed gardening. This will be followed by preparing dinner together. The children also needs to sort through toys and clothes. But it’s not all about how to ensure your kids would love to go back to school…

To create some lovely half term memories, the ice rink at Natural History museum opens on the 31st of October.

There’s also a fun farm shop, just outside London called Fanny’s Farm Shop. We haven’t been, but Chloe Eleanor has. Go for a walk in the beautiful landscape of Surrey before enjoying some cream tea in the old hen house. Then secure jars of the famous Fanny’s marmalade before heading back home.
SONY DSCfannys_farm_shop_cream_tea.jpg

You can also create a family cinema in the comfort of your own home. Rent a film, pop some pop corn and allow the children to create the perfect home cinema ambience using lots of teddies, cushions and blankets. May we suggest watching Project Wild Thing? We watched the trailer and it looks really entertaining and interesting at the same time. The film that aims to reconnect children with nature is available to rent here.

Then to stay sane… book a babysitter and invite your partner along to the The Monocole Guide to Better Living with Tyler Brûlé at Daunt Books Marylebone Wednesday 30th October at 7pm. £8, including wine. Happy Half Term!

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