Your favourite Pale Cloud style -only a click away!

Pale Cloud is the high end, everyday luxury favourite children’s brand you’d love to have in your child’s wardrobe. And thanks to new technology, that opportunity is now only a click away. If you’re not only interested in gorgeous designerwear but also how fashion brands and online retailers are harnessing technology to keep them ahead, then read on!

Pale Cloud has updated their website with a new clever feature; We’ve already been spoiled with their simple, delicate and informative website, serving us beautiful campaign images from their latest collection, videos and back stage images fresh from the runway in New York and in general being kept in the loop of all Pale Cloud essential news. Now, they’ve made the gorgeous Pale Cloud styles within easier reach. When browsing the new lookbook, you easily click on desired style, and voila! “Who stocks it” button is ready to take you straight to the nearest boutique that has what you were looking for -in store. No more endless searching around. Check it out

Pale Cloud Aw13 Website Store locator

PS. Also, if you only buy one Pale Cloud style this season, keeping in mind that the styles are timeless design and in fact collectables (that sell out fast due to a limited collection) the Olivia blazer is arguably the one you should secure now. It will make any outfit look sophisticated, just the way she likes. Little B loves hers!

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