Lapland -so much more than Santa Claus and Rudolph the Reindeer

Santa Claus, “Tomte” or “Nisse” aside… True magic lies in the nature -especially when in Lapland, high above the Arctic Circle. Experience the Nordic wilderness the authentic way;

Go on a Husky adventure, dog sledging through a snow white mountain landscape, go on a Snowmobile Safari over frozen lakes, eat traditional Sami stews around the bonfire before a good nights sleep on reindeer skin in a sami tent, a lavvo, with the spectacular Northern Lights flickering over you -that’s true magic!

Fly from London to Tromsø, Norway. This city is called “Paris of the North” and is well worth the trip in itself. Lyngsfjord Adventure will pick you up in Tromsø and take you out on the extraordinary adventure, into the Arctic Wilderness and “Camp Tamok”. The season starts 1st of November and lasts until 15th of April. There’s a children (4-15 years) discount.

This is your chance, not only to have an unique and memorable trip with the family, but also to experience first hand how the natives of Lapland, the Sami people, have lived for centuries.


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