Wishing you a lush Saturday with the Swarovski dress by Pale Cloud


Creamy coffee and a buttery flaky croissant, fresh newspaper on the table. Complete silence in the house except the sound of Little A’s hand searching through the box of lego bricks, downstairs.
The picture above is a sneak peek of the gorgeous couture dress, by Pale Cloud for Swarovski, to be revealed at the New York Fashion Week in a few weeks. Looks divine, doesn’t it!? May we suggest following Pale Cloud on Instagram for more divine and gorgeous news… We do!
And I’ll be having the chance to see this dress in London at a press event end of October -of course to be shared with you.

It’s the last weekend of September and it’s already been snowing in Northern Scandinavia.

It’s definitely a change of season in London too, changing into the season of soft knits. And there’s so much loveliness to find in the stores, if you’re not a knitting expert yourself. We’ll also be looking more into children’s winter boots, outdoor and skiwear soon on the blog. Perfect for any frosty morning or especially if visiting the Winter wonderland in Lapland.

So, how has your morning been so far? Was it all idyllic or a bit of a morning mayhem?

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