DIY Advent Calendar ideas, Scandinavian style

© Maileg Advent Calendar from 2011
Don’t you just love being waked up by excited children, rising early and in pyjamas and bare feet running downstairs? Just imagine their happy faces and eager little hands, when they one tippitoes are trying to reach up to todays surprise in the Advent Calendar!

An Advent calendar isn’t only a countdown to Christmas. It also takes you through the dark month of December with a daily dose of excitement and joy.

Also, making one could be the perfect little diy project this autumn. Below is our favourite Advent Calendars, Scandinavian style of course.

This advent calendar is fairly simple to achieve, and you can choose colours to match your home and Christmas decoration theme. Do get that true Scandi feel, we would recommend using reclaimed wood and vintage pegs.

This is one lovely Advent Calendar, that I found, with a full diy tutorial over at the Titatoni blog. You make a frame, over either natural or painted wood. Then attach strings across where you can hang 24 paper bags. Very simple yet so decorative. As December goes by, you can fill up the empty spaces with the Christmas cards you’ll receive.

We found another great Advent Calendar diy idea at the lovely Elisabeth Heier blog is to use branch (easily picked up on your next Sunday walk), and hang 24 presents (in paper bags, or if you’re feeling crafty why not use knitted socks) and your calendar is ready in no time. We recommend hanging a few Christmas decorations up, in the empty spaces, as we did here.

And then there’s the ladder, no wall mounted or occupying table space. Just find a empty space in your kitchen or living room. If you’re no carpenter you don’t have to build your own ladder. Find one vintage or get one at a leading Swedish furniture department store -and use the ladder in the bathroom to store towels rest of the year. Buy or sew small bags in your favourite fabric. This may just end up being our favourite advent calendar this year. Apart from the still trending Reindeer Advent Calendar we’ve featured previously. This beautiful ladder advent calendar and tutorial was found over at Dreamy Whites blog

Looking for more Scandinavian inspired DIY Christmas decoration we recommend that you brew yourself some Glögg (Scandinavian mulled wine) and browse through the wonderful White Christmas at Elisabeth Heier’s blog.

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