Slow living, babies a cardboardboxes and healthy lunch ideas

Do you remember the post about Why Finnish babies sleep in cardboard boxes? Well, this campaign photo from MeMini reminded me about the Finnish govermental concept of providing everything necessary for new parents.

The Sarah Lund sweater (famous from the Scandinavian TV drama, The Killing) is now available for children. Please do check out the entire campaign shot in Jordan showing real children and slow living, over at the Smudgetikka Blog.

About the concept; Slow Living is the choice to live consciously with the goal of enhancing personal, community and environmental well being. Sounds good, no? If interested, here is an other post, about Slow Fashion for now and the future.

Anyway, in line with the slow living theme… Sunday and time to plan next weeks packed lunch menu for your school child. We have lots of ideas, in our post featuring Healthy packed lunches for school.
Why not make a bread and some bread rolls today as well? That’s what we’ll be doing!

Happy Sunday, and hope to see you soon back here on the Little Scandinavian blog. Bianca x

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