Healthy packed lunch for Budding foodies Back at School

First of all, start with real bread. Honest, homemade delicious bread. Here’s a ‘chuck it in a bowl, work until smooth and stretchy, leave to rise, shape, leave to rise again and bake’ recipe from the Real Bread Campaign. I’m planning on having a bake bread routine. And whilst I’m at it I’ll also make sure to make some bread rolls. What you easily could do then is to throw in some chopped tomatoes in olive oil and some ham and cheese for a scrumptious result. These bread rolls are perfect as a treat on Fridays, at the end of a long school week. Tip: Make plenty and freeze.

Sandwiches make the healthiest lunch. Ideas to sandwich fillings, to nurture your budding foodie:
– mature cheddar and honey roasted ham topped with red pepper
– brussles pate and pickled cucumber
– boiled egg, mayonnaise and bacon
– cream cheese and smoked salmon
– cream cheese, tomatoes and fresh basil
– homemade small fishcakes, tartar sauce and fresh salad.
– homemade small burger, sliced tomato and fresh salad.
– make a wrap, with the left overs from last nights dinner.

Tip: There’s no need for crisps, energy bars, fruit- or cheese strings. Avoid processed and ready made foods. Key is fresh, seasonal (and organic if available) food, that will boost your child’s energy, and keep them going the rest of the school day.
Crispbread by Ryvita, with its wholegrain goodness its simply brilliant as a snack, in addition to chopped vegetables.

© Crispbread from Sigdal Bakeri, Norway’s most popular crispbread>br clear=left>
Did you know it’s actually ridiculously easy to make your own crispbread? Why not bake together with your children? Nothing tastes taste better than when you’ve made it yourself! There’s lots of easy recipes, but this Scandinavian Crispbread recipe from The Guardian is nice.

Homemade bread with their favourite filling, a small pot with organic yoghurt, some fruit or chopped vegetables and the healthy packed lunch is complete with a bottle of fresh cold water.

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