Fredriksberg Palace and Royal Garden in the heart of Copenhagen

Frederiksberg is is not only a district of the Danish capital Copenhagen, but it’s in fact a formally separate town (with it’s own taxes etc). It occupies an area of less than 9 km² and have a population of a little more than 100,000 people. It’s one of the more leafy and beautiful areas too, and it’s not only the boutiques, restaurants and cafes that attracts; It’s also the stunningly beautiful Fredriksberg Slott (palace) surrounded by a beautiful park, open to the public. Click to see larger images.

When arriving in Copenhagen yesterday I met up with my cousin that lives and studies here. She suggested picnic in Fredriksberg. Not a bad idea at all, lots of sunshine and fresh air in gorgeous surroundings! We had some lovely sushi from a nearby store, then walked through the park. I must add that a map could be useful. With so many paths to choose from, you could easily get lost in this secret garden.

At Frederiksberg Park there is also a magnificent “Pacifier tree where children leave their soothers hanging them on the branch, sometimes with a letter, that we walked past. There were children there when we arrived, saying goodbye to their pacifier. All very sweet and a great idea on how to wean off the pacifier.

Why not visit Fredriksberg and Copenhagen Zoo next time you are there? Copenhagen Zoo is situated just moments away from the palace. We especially recommend saying hello to the elephants when visiting.

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