Scandinavian design for the Royal Baby

Becoming a parent is truly special and we can only imagine how much excitement it is around the birth of a Royal baby. The apparent due date has passed and whilst we’re joining Britain in the wait of the arrival of our future King or Queen, we thought we’d share the Best of Scandinavian Design for Babies.

Included is the dreamy baby cradle from Leander. You may hang it from the ceiling or use the freestanding stand. We’ve chosen it for it’s beautiful and functional design, a safe and natural framework for the start in life. Then there’s the Moomin Mobile. The more we see the Finnish Moomin characters, the more we love them. This mobile also features black and white contrast, great for babies when discovering the world for the first time. Do you remember how incredible soft a newborns skin is? I can’t think of anything better than to wrap the new bundle of joy in a ethically produced fresh organic cotton kimono, soft and kind to the babies skin. This one is by Esencia. And in Scandinavia, all babies need something knitted. And it’s not only grandmothers knitting away, it’s become very popular for expecting mums to knit too. Tiny socks, hats, blankets and lots more. If you, like me, don’t know how to knit, will knit for you. And who can resist this adorable knitted retro style baby bottoms!? Last but not least, why not introduce a soft and cuddly friend to the newborn? The friendly guy “Fancy Nulle” from LuckyBoySunday is one of the most charming within the soft toy department.

When that’s said… we’ll continue the wait. And speculate; Will it be a Prince or Princess?

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