Bicycling from Denmark to France Against childhood cancer

I recently found out, through my (passionate about both cycling and charity) Swedish neighbour that there’s a ‘Tour de Denmark to France’, to raise money to fight childhood cancer. Team Rynkeby is a Nordic charity cycling team that travels from Denmark to Paris by bike.

The purpose of the race, founded by employees of the Danish juice company Rynkeby Foods in 2002, is to raise money for the Child Cancer Foundation. Today Rynkeby Foods A/S is the main sponsor of the event, along with 1.600 other sponsors.

Team Rynkeby raises money to fight childhood cancer via our national fund-raising campaigns in Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway and the Faroe Islands.

Childhood cancer is a very serious illness. Scientists have made significant progress in recent years but cancer is still the cause of most illness-related fatalities in children aged 1-15.

The key challenge with regard to fighting childhood cancer is that childhood cancer is not like adult cancer. In fact, scientists don’t know why children get cancer.

There is therefore a need for dedicated research into cancer so that scientists can discover the causes and develop better and gentler methods of treatment, so that the children not only survive but are subsequently also able to live a normal life.

The participants of Team Rynkeby are both male and female, between all ages and with various jobs, educations and backgrounds. The participants diversity and their geographical dispersion in Denmark, Finland and Sweden is an advantage to raise both awareness and money for the charity in the Nordic countries, for the benefit of children with cancer and the children’s families.

In 2012 Team Rynkeby took place with 790 riders and 170 assistants divided between 13 Danish and 4 Swedish teams, raising £1,840 million to the fight against childhood cancer.


This year 1000 bicycle riders and 210 assistants from Denmark, Sweden and Finland will take part in the race, starting from Denmark on the 12th July. There’s currently a waiting list to participate…

What a lovely way to support such an important cause – getting together outdoors, being active and having some fun along the way.

The Jewell Family 1950
The Jewell Family 1950

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