We are moving on, from Google Reader to Bloglovin

As you may or may not have heard Google Reader would be no more as of July 1, 2013. (Yes, that’s today!) Up until now you have been able to read all your favourite blogs and websites in one place, with Google Reader. As of today, millions of Google Reader users are preparing for its closure by transferring RSS feeds to new platforms.

We’ve been on Bloglovin for a while. The Swedish platform gathers all your favourite blogs in one browser, or in one app on your iPhone. And the Bloglovin team have the move easy with a import facility, the blogs currently in our reader will go straight into the new Bloglovin account. All ensuring a stress free and convenient move, for us to continue enjoying our favourite blogs. If you are unsure on how to, see this step by step guide on How to move from Goggle Reader to Bloglovin.

Good luck with the move -and hope to see you over at Bloglovin!

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