Unique Scandinavian children’s bedding and hand printed bed linen

This personal and handprinted design, made by the Danish creative duo Begitte Lynge Andersen and Julie Dausell, SomeTimesSummer children’s bed linen, comes in two versions; An aeroplane superimposed on a grass motif with brown bunnies on a white background on the back, and a bus superimposed on a grass motif with white birds on a purple background on the back. Crisp white together with a rich color palette of nature. Perfect after a long day spent outdoors.

Pernittengryn describes the bed linen ’SommeTiderSommer’ (meaning SomeTimesSummer) as an expression of ”the allure of the open road, freedom and excitement, family time in the caravan and bug hunting in uncharted territory”. Pernittengryn spins an exciting story around the bed linen – a story about a bus tour into the wide blue yonder, camping out in the open in a tent or a camper, making a bonfire or flying in an aeroplane. Sounds like sweet dreams to us!

Begitte Lynge Andersen and Julie Dausell founded their creative partnership when they shared an office in Århus, Denmark. With a a passion for children’s products and in fact the entire children’s universe, Pernittengryn creates hand-printed textiles, in limited numbers with an emphasis on individualised solutions. The focus is to create settings for play and relaxation with fresh, delicate and decorative items for nurseries and children’s rooms. See more and follow updates on pernittengryn.dk

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