Unleash the gardener within! Grow your own in pots and wellies.

To grow your own is trending. There’s waiting lists for allotments and various of green community groups have a soaring number of members and volunteers. These urban transition groups are seeking to design a more sustainable future. If you’re interested in finding out more about what they do, and also how to get involved, visit transitionnetwork.org

As we like to grow our own, we enjoy reading about growing herbs, fruit and vegetables on blogs like the WellyWoman Blog, an endless source for garden inspiration, helpful tips and lots of green ideas. It’s time to unleash the gardener within!

Grow your own fruit vegetables and herbs at home, in the garden, in mini green houses, in pots, milk cartoons or in wellies.
© WellyWoman Blog, from the Chelsea Flower Show 2013.

© 1. Urban Garden seen at Clerkenwell Design Week London. 2. Ikea mini greenhouse £12, spotted at the Breathe Happiness Blog

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