Skandinavisk KOSE candle light and tasty “Rislapper” on a grey day

In Scandinavia we use candle lights all year, throughout the day, from at the breakfast table to late night evenings. It’s about taking time off, it’s about enjoying the time spent, alone or together with family and friends.

The Scandinavian countries are consistently ranked as having the happiest peoples, with the best quality of life, the most liveable cities, some of the highest education standards, the hippest design, the most bikes and boats per capita etc etc. The list is endless. We think it is in their ability to create intimacy, fellowship and conviviality around everyday moments.

On a grey and cold day in London earlier this week, we decided to create some indoor Hygge! With a Skandinavisk candle light burning and some freshly made “rislapper” there were all smiles and laughter around the table this afternoon.

© Little Scandinavian

The Skandinavisk candles is made of vegetable stearin, refined paraffin, local organic beeswax and a 100% cotton wick. It is hand poured into an individual mould, refilled several times to condense the wax and then left to set naturally. The unique mix creates a deep glow through the candle body and a very slow and stable, scent- and smokeless burn. The candle is then wrapped in gift packaging and, depending on size will burn up to 140 hours of Scandinavian cosiness.
Price from £15 at

We made “Norwegian rislapper” to create the perfect KOSE ambience. It’s really easy to make! It’s made of 200g of rice porridge, 2tb of white flour, 1 egg, 1tb caster sugar, 1/2 ts salt. Cardamom or vanilla sugar after taste. Mix it all together and fry small circle shaped “pancakes” in butter until golden brown on both sides. Serve warm with jam and banana.

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