Our Kingdom -Edinburgh revisited

Did you know that we used to live in Scotland? Rated as one of the best cities to live in in the UK, and also one of the most beautiful cities in the world, we were tempted to try our luck back in 2007, with our new Kingdom, Edinburgh.

The city is gorgeous in all aspects, if you don’t mind the wind that is. People are welcoming and friendly, the city is oozing of history, culture and charm. With our new home situated in the popular New Town part of the city, this was our first experience with living in the UK. The reintroduction to the chequebook (non existing in Norway over the last 15 years), tasting haggis for the first time and the girls went from non to fluent english speaking (with a hint of Scottish accent). We truly enjoyed it, and left for London in 2008 with mixed feelings. Although London turned out to be the city for us, we love going back and revisit often, now having many dear friends in and around the Scottish capital.

Wishing you too a lovely Bank Holiday! xxx

2 thoughts on “Our Kingdom -Edinburgh revisited

  1. Toffee was secured in Princess Street. It’s totally yummy! It’s really strange though; Although we moved from Edinburgh 5 years ago it seems like we only just left yesterday when we revisited. x

  2. Wow, stunning views! I would love to visit Scotland as well. My coworker had a beautiful time there as she was visiting her brother living there now. Incredible beautiful place! She also brought back yummy scottish toffee. : )

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