Spring Essentials for Rays of sun and Woodland flowers

When there’s finally rays of sun finding its way to damp gras, cold stone and pale skin -there’s an overwhelming feeling of life and joy. As Madicken, a character from Swedish author Astrid Lindgren said: Jeg kjenner livet i meg! I can feel the life in me.
Below is a small selection of clothes suitable to wear, when discovering the woodland flowers decorating, for Spring.

And when small bouquets in muddy, chubby hands reaches the kitchen -make sure you have a selection of vases ready. Upcycled jam jars serves the purpose. Or we love the tiny ceramic vases in organic shapes and natural shades, Botanica Mini by Danish Kahler Design. For a authentic Nordic feel, perfect keeping with the interior design trends of the new season.

Clothes from Pale Cloud, Petitbo, Petit by Sofie Schnoor, Soft Gallery and Indikidual via polyvore.com

2 thoughts on “Spring Essentials for Rays of sun and Woodland flowers

  1. Madicken said: Jag känner livet i mig! Thats the swedish words for “I can feel the life in me!”

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