Spring Essentials for Rays of sun and Woodland flowers

When there’s finally rays of sun finding its way to damp gras, cold stone and pale skin -there’s an overwhelming feeling of life and joy. As Madicken, a character from Swedish author Astrid Lindgren said: Jeg kjenner livet i meg! I can feel the life in me.
Below is a small selection of clothes suitable to wear, when discovering the woodland flowers decorating, for Spring.

And when small bouquets in muddy, chubby hands reaches the kitchen -make sure you have a selection of vases ready. Upcycled jam jars serves the purpose. Or we love the tiny ceramic vases in organic shapes and natural shades, Botanica Mini by Danish Kahler Design. For a authentic Nordic feel, perfect keeping with the interior design trends of the new season.

Clothes from Pale Cloud, Petitbo, Petit by Sofie Schnoor, Soft Gallery and Indikidual via polyvore.com


  1. Madicken said: Jag känner livet i mig! Thats the swedish words for “I can feel the life in me!”

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