Review of Ullungene wool wrap cardigan for children.

The Ullungene cardigan is a beautiful wrap jacket for children, knitted in baby alpaca with a silk smooth feel that do not itch. It has a simple drawstring fastening on the inside and outside, making it easy to take on and off. The wool is self-cleaning, anti-allergenic and can be machine washed on a gentle wool program. Available in sizes from 0 to 3 years. Prize £68. A garment your child will enjoy for a long time and with it’s timeless style and naturale colours can be handed down.

We asked busy working mum, Ina and her son M age 13 months old to do a review for us in London.

I just love knitted wool clothes, especially for children. Maybe it’s because I’m Norwegian, and I am used to it from my childhood. But there is something special about the warm comforting feeling of putting on soft wool on ice cold winter days, crisp spring mornings or chilly summer nights! When asked to test out Ullungene’s baby alpaca jacket, I had no hesitation to let little M, 1yr old, have a go.

M is wearing a size 2 years, it’s a little bit big, but we can use it for a long, long time. This jacket is such a lovely piece of hand knitted craft, it’s beautiful, soft, thick and has a luxurious feel to it, and it doesn’t’ moult. Also one of the many advantages with the baby alpaca wool is that it will not fade over time.

Perfect for wrapping up warm, when embracing the cold, wintery days in London. Here’s M, on his way to V&A.

As wool is a natural heat regulating fabric, it makes a perfect all day wear for busy little kids running around indoors too.

Ullungene is founded by two Norwegian ladies, who are making a difference for 20 Peruvian ladies through Fair Made. The jumper is hand knitted in Peru, in baby alpaca wool which is considered to be one of the most eco friendly animal fabrics, and it prevents allergic reactions, so can be used by anyone!

I would recommend everyone to take a look at Their designs are ideal for small babies. And their jumpers & leggings are great for toddlers. It also makes a wonderful gift. And there is something unique about a handmade gift, & the fact that you are helping out less fortunate families makes it even more unique.

Thank you so much to Ina and M for sharing their experience!

And our other little reviewer, B 23 months old is wearing a beautiful Ullungene wool cardigan too, in lavender.
The cardigan will keep your little one snug and warm with a Spring coat on top when heading to the playground. It also looks very nice with denim or a cute dress and tights. The wrap style makes it easy to wear and enjoy!
The cardigan is very well made, it gives an impression of high quality with it’s beautiful finish. The wool itself is thick and very soft and not at all itchy. A must have item in any child’s wardrobe!

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