Celebrate Mother’s Day with some truly Cool Mums

To all wonderful mums out there -Happy Mothersday! And on a day of celebrating Motherhood, we thought it would be fun to introduce some truly cool mums!

– Lone, Concept Developer and founder of children’s trade show CPH kids
– Nicola, founder of children’s online shop Cissy Wears
– Corina, founder of award winning Scandinavian children’s lifestyle store, KIDSEN
– Gabrielle, founder of online children’s shop Scandinavian Minimall
– Camilla, founder and designer behind the interior and children’s toy brand LUCKYBOYSUNDAY

Tell us about you!
Lone: I’m Lone, founder of CPH kids. 3 children; Vilas 8 years, Sofia 5 years and Vegas 9 months. We live outside Copenhagen, with their father and my husband-to-be Laust.
Nicola: Me, Nicola, ex-record label head of marketing turned kids fashion guru. Husband, Jim, Creative Director at a London Ad Agency. Son, Felix, 6, Rock Star in the making. Daughter, Cissy, 3, Chief Diva. We live in South East London.
Corina: I’m Corina, married to Franco, with daughters, Melina 8 years old and Miya 5. Ex MTV producer. Founder of KIDSEN. Lives and works in the same neighbourhood of North West London, Kensal Rise.
Gabrielle: My name is Gabrielle and I’m a Swedish mum of two, Wilhelm 4 and Cornelia 8 months. Together with my husband we live in West London and I own and run kids designer online shop, Scandinavian Minimall.
Camilla: I am the one of the two Camillas from the Danish design duo “LUCKYBOYSUNDAY”, married to photographer Andreas, we have one son Sigurd 4 years old.

To you, what is the definition of a cool mum?
Lone: A mum who loves being herself- loves her children eternal, and also educates and give them a realistic picture of what life is. A realistic point of view on how to relate to other people and how other people relates to them.
Nicola: Remember who you are as a person, and not just as a mother. You don’t always need to compromise because you have kids. I have tattoos, go to rock gigs, and enjoy a drink. I’m terrible at crafting, rarely bake, but my kids are always immaculately dressed when hanging out backstage at a festival. And there’s always at least one of us in leopard print. Does that make me cool? Who knows. But it makes me happy.
Corina: A cool mum is one with integrity, who has faith in her own style and beliefs. She does not follow fashion, and does not worry how she or her kids look like, because she is comfortable with who she is. She’s the person who always seems to be in the know, the one you would feel comfortable to turn to for help and advise.
Gabrielle: To me, all mums are cool! But for me personally, without saying that I’m a “cool mum”, I try not to let a particular role define me. It’s about finding a good balance between family life, career and social life. I love spending a lot of time with my children but at the same time I know I wouldn’t be entirely happy (and therefore, not a good mum) if I didn’t have my business or got to go out sometimes for a drink and have a good chat with my husband or a good friend from time to time!
Camilla: A cool mum is one who “forgets” everythings else, when she is together/plays with her kids. It’s cool to use your imagination as much as your kids and remember to play even as a grownup… My son loves to dress up as batman, spiderman and ninja… and I have to of course wear the same outfit! I still need to be brave enough to wear the batman cape down to the kiosk, like my little man does.

How to be a cool mum and still have a life?
Lone: I love to do everything with the kids. Right now I am on maternity leave and I do all the things I wish I had the time to do, when I was working. But it is also important still to do things with friends, be romantic, sports/hobbies and remember what you loved before having kids and do it!
Nicola: Stop thinking you can’t automatically enjoy the things you did before, just enjoy those things as a family instead. Don’t let yourself go. Don’t try to compete with the pushy playground mums, breeze past them with an air of indifference.
Corina: My number one tip would be to swap help. Help your closest friends out and let them return the favour. Don’t be afraid to take shortcuts to make your life easier. See friends. Have parties. Go to parties! Snatch moments with your family. Life is too short and our kids grow up so quickly. Work less and play more. Don’t just say it, do it!
Gabrielle: I think if you plan ahead a bit and have someone who can help you with the children when you need to work or go out, as I think it’s important being able to be a mum with a life outside of the home. I’ve never forgotten who I am as a person throughout the whole journey of motherhood and I am not sure if that means I am a cool mum or not, all that matters to me right now is that I am happy with my life and have a happy family.
Camilla: Prioritise some alone time to yourself, so you have the energy to be properly present when together with your kids.

How will a cool mum celebrate Mothers Day?
Lone: I would love to treat myself with a spa in the morning. Spend the rest of the day with the kids and invite my mother and her mother- my grandmother- (95 years old) and enjoy her watching the kids in the afternoon- she loves it and it makes me happy, but also sad because I know that time is running out for her. Make a great dinner for my entire family and end the evening with a romantic time with the man of my life.
Nicola: We don’t really do Mother’s Day! I expect my children will give me some lovely handmade cards and pictures they’ve done at school, but other than that we’ll just carry on as normal.
Corina: In bed with my kids, watching movies, drinking coffee, reading books and having cuddles all day long.
Gabrielle: My husband and children are taking me out for lunch to a restaurant somewhere in London (I think?). My husband won’t say, he says it’s a surprise. I’ll keep you posted!
Camilla: A cool mum would celebrate herself and spend a the day with her loved ones.

Lone with kids
Lone, (pregnant with Vegas) together with Sofia og Vilas.

Left: Nicola with son Felix, watching Slayer at Sonisphere festival. Right: Corina with Melina and Miya on holiday

Cornelia 8 months
Gabrielle with Cornelia aged 8 months

Camilla with Sigurd

These mums are among my favorite cool mums; They are ladies with a cool individual style always glamorous in their own unique way. And at the same time they are caring fun mums, that loves to hang out with their kids, going on adventures together. That to me that’s what a cool mum is. What is a cool mum to you? And if you could mention one cool mum, who would it be and why?

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